Saleem.  Bayt City's finest private investigator. Haqq's inside man when it comes to locating bad guys. A gun expert and theater actor and Jinn hunter or ghost hunter. The Council picked him to help Haqq in Bayt City.

Motherboard. House main computer. Can fly and control all in her control which is a lot. Keeps an eye on Haqq and lets the secret Council know what's going on with all activities. She is the queen of the network. Once she shut down the house to show who is the boss of the house.

Abdul. College professor and golf trainer. Supplies Haqq with the latest equipment and computer downloads for the Council for the robots and Haqq's weapons. Plays lots of golf with Nasar.

Dominic. College student in Bayt City. Conducting experiments trying to find a better health fitness program to be stronger and leaner and happier experience.  He once punched a hole in a wall to save people from a fire. He's a Haqq fan.

Hawa. Big supporter of Haqq and the Council and Bayt City. She wears many hats. Ivy league educated and attorney who is training for the Olympics as a fencer in her spear time. She has her own clothes line too. Loves family but hates thugs. Once help save Haqq from Dr. X and Morcon. She wants to get married and is still looking....